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Who we are| Principals

► Alfredo Bermudez, Architect and President

DEPPAT was founded by Mr. Alfredo Bermudez, along with three other partners in 1985, as a response to key frustrations of clients with development projects. Those frustrations were centered in a lack of clarity as to how to manage the planning, proposal and approval processes for projects in the physical and environmental planning fields.

Mr. Alfredo Bermudez has more than 30 years of experience in landuse planning, architecture and environmental planning. He has been involved in many projects as the leader planner with a creative solution to our clients and the communities needs along the country.

► Eugenio Bermudez, Master in Project Management and General Manager

Mr. Eugenio Bermudez is the son of Alfredo Bermudez and was incorporated to the firm in 1990. His experience is managing the firm's projects and developing administrative and marketing activities.

His degree in project management, allows him to incorporate many tools and keys to improve the development of the projects, such as scope, timing, cost, and risks management.


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