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Who we are| Our team

At DEPPAT we have a team of permanent and associate professionals in many fields, from environmental engineers to marketing experts, including GIS experts, biologist, geologist, archeologist, and architects.

► Permanent Staff

The Principals of DEPPAT are Mr. Alfredo Bermudez, Architect and President of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Eugenio Bermudez, Master in Project Management and General Manager. They are in charge of manage the public relations with the clients, as well as coordinate the firm¥s project and manage the human resources.

► Associate Consultants

DEPPAT maintains a group of highly qualify professionals for specific tasks in different fields and types of projects. Following is a list of some of DEPPAT's associate consultants:

Archeologist Eduardo Castillo
Geologist Fernando Nietzen
Hydrogeologist Alicia Gomez
SIG Expert Rafael Arce
Urban Planner Marco Cordero
Social Geographer Marcos Montero
Geologist Guido Sibaja
Sociologisit Mario Fernandez
Biologist Jose Manuel Mora
Biologist Branco Hilje
Archeologist Ana Yensi Herrera
Sociologist Aida Rivera
Forestry Engineer Hector Arce
Civil Engineer Alvaro Mata
Architect Tania Vargas




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