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DEPPAT has conducted Zoning Plans for coastal sectors according to the requirements of the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone Law and Urban Regulatory Plans according the Urban Planning Law. We have also conducted General Land Use Plans in coastal zones and national planning units. For these, we formulate the work's objectives and organize the resources available within a logical sequence, concluding with a plan that both permits development and protects the natural resources.

Master Plans

Many of DEPPAT's projects are implemented by considering the development of integrated activities as a single component. This design is evident in the Master Plan that illustrates the overall characteristics of a project. A Master Plan is usually the first step in the development process, as a component of the pre-investment activities.

Zoning Plans (Coastal and Urban Regulatory Plans)

Among DEPPAT's works, the most prominent are related to the planning for urban and touristic development. For each one of them, a physical environmental study is conducted along with a regional study containing geographic and socioeconomic aspects. Every regulatory plan is carried out according to the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone Law and the Urban Planning Law.




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