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Environmental planning

The most notable projects DEPPAT has completed since the firm's conception are in the field of Environmental Planning with following type of studies:

- The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a requirement for certain types of projects according to the guidelines established by the National Environmental Technical Secretary (SETENA), for development fields such as tourism, hydroelectric dams, urban planning, industry, landfills, mining, road, and others. The methodology applied by DEPPAT is accepted by SETENA and permits business investors to better implement their projects while giving the State a guarantee of environmentally sound development.

- The Environmental Supervision involves inspection of the project through site visits to meet the requirements established by the National Environmental Technical Secretary (SETENA). A monthly report is prepared as well as the coordination of construction stages with professionals in charge of the project. Finally, recommendations are made in order to comply with the environmental impact study and a report is sent to SETENA.


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